Tuesday, March 8, 2011

THIS street

There were roads- which I loved to travel,
Slippers in feet and wearing THAT combination,
Of some t shirt and dirty jeans
I loved to walk on… those roads.

I used to walk,
I used to Jump, Play and laugh.
With those Slipper wearing,
T shirt and dirty jeans Adoring Playmates.

But gone have the slippers,
The feet have the leathers of finest make,
Gone is that combination-
Of dirty Jeans and Tee,
To be replaced with crisp Pants and shirts.
Gone are the jump play and laugh
And have been replaced by the void-THAT void.

This void when acknowledged,
Threatens to engulf you- reminds you,
That you are alone,
In a street crowded with people.

This street is not the same as
The road I travelled in slippers.
That road, for some strange reason,
People say I’m not allowed on.
I’ve outlived my quota of that road,
Oh, ok I agree…
Anyways that road was too good to go on forever.
But why is this street this difficult to walk on?

On this street,
The finest leather in feet
Alone and sweating… I’m running,
Racing with people,
For god knows what!!


Rahul Rajput said...

whatever ...good or bad...
but meaning is true....
really gone are the days...
when life was like fun of plays...

preeti said...

very nice........bus aisey hi likhte raho..... :)

Mohit Raja said...

Dude it might sound wierd but i got goosebumps reading this.. awesome piece of writing