Sunday, September 16, 2012

This crossroad

I stand on a road. Many such roads are there around me- Going in every direction possible. there are people- countless people. Some are working with spades and shovel. Dripping with sweat. some are just walking... near and far they are walking.

As i stand here and look at them- the outlines are not very clear. The features of this scene are not very sharp.i certainly am not drunk then why can't I make out the details of the scene. Why are these people working? Where are they going? where do these roads go. why are there so many roads? What exactly is happening.
When I set out I guessed I had a plan. I guessed I knew where was I going. Plan! Ha! Who was I kidding. I wonder if there was anything as feeble, as vulnerable and as weak knee'd as my plan.

My plan was an illusion that I had. It was a mirage that provided attestation to my extortionate sense of self worth that led me to believe I could dictate my destiny. Could I be more flawed. Now that I realise this... let me try and figure out which road should I go. Ha! Like my choice matters!