Thursday, November 6, 2008

results out

results of the internship interview that i talked about in previous post are out... Rakesh as expected gets the internship... prabal looses out on this opportuntiy though.
koi bat nahi prabal, it's just a matter of time when u get placed in a one of the top companies visiting our campus...
Another dear freind of mine... Rahul auddy also got the internship. Congos to u both!! more success is here to follow u people. neways itz party time now and me off celebrating...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 TATA steel has come in college for selecting us, 3rd year( students for internship. They had provided us with the forms earlier in october which we had filled and submitted and now they studied the forms, shortlisted the forms which they found suitable according to their requirments and they have called the shortlisted guys for interviews. i have not been shortlisted [:(] and so i sit here on my laptop in my room in hall of residence-I writing this blog. I'm not even feelin hungry though it is 1:15 in afternoon despite of the fact that i'm one big bhukkad sort of a person. but the positive side is that two of my best freinds (Prabal and Rakesh) have been short listed though. The latter who also has been my roomie for first two year of my college is the topper of our batch in our branch. Now they sit there in the training and placement cell of our college waiting for their turn for interview... i wish them luck.

this guy Prabal, has nearly 2% of share in all the gray matter present on this planet!! Now that he is so brainy there is a high probability that he gets selected as an intern. If he gets selected, i would be the happiest man apart from him and and his family. There is a small story describing the reason of my glee in case he gets selected, which goes like this...

last night i was feeling really sleepy so i slept early ie, at 11 in night(i usually sleep by 2 am). At nearly 12, Prabal came and knocked at my door, i got irritated, why on earth does he have to wake me up at 12:00 when i've told him that i'm goin to sleep. anyways i got up and opened the door. there was he standing in front of me with his specs on. then he said " abe pranjal kal 6 baje uth jana sabere" (hey pranjal wake up at 6 tomorrow). I said "kyu??"(why??). prabal says " abe ghar chalana hai mere sare certificates ghar par hi hain aur kal to wo chahiye honge"(man i gotta go to my home coz all my certis are there and i'd require them tomorrow). i was like" goodness me, u r so sharp!! u remembered this". Prabal is a localite and his house is at telco collony nearly 15 km fom our college and he doesn't know how to drive and i do. so he asked me to take him to his home and i had no option but to oblige. i woke up in morning went to hostel-G to fetch bike from one other freind of mine Fareed. He gave me the keys, i took the keys and drove prabal to his home. we were there for nealy half an hour till he got all his certificates and meanwhile i feasted upon the delicious breakfast made by his mum. So by the time we returned(taking print outs of our CV's) it 9:30 already, the time for preplacemnt talk. we got ready in a hurry and went for the ppt. Thankfully it had not yet started by the time we were there. We were breifed about the internship program and then the list of short listed candidates was declared and his name was there. so i thought "chalo yar itani bhag doud kisi kam to ayi"(ok, at least this running around serves some purpose). then when i knew my name is not there i came back to hostel from academic builiding.

then our Rakesh is brilliance personified. He is supremely talented and the fact that he once got a grade of 9.76 out of 10 is in itself the testimony of the fact that he is brilliant. he also has a good personality and is a thoughtful speaker. As i already said earlier he is also our topper so he also has a high probabilty of getting the internship. So i'm keepin ma fingures crossed in hope and anticipation. i sincerely hope these both get selected coz i'm lookin forward for two huge treats at the 'novelty' (our fav if not the best restraunt in jamshedpur). God bless them.

will post again when the results are out. till then...

"Jai ram ji ki!!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hi folks- this is what our normal indian engineering student would have said. but i'm more of a namste kind of a guy... so NAMSKAR BHAI LOGO!!!

but guys i'm a beginner so in order to get a bit more readership i would write in english for timebeing but i promise i'll start blogging in hindi once and if my blog gets popular.

guys this happens to be my first post... i'm pretty much of a beginner so dunno what to write in here but i'll be back within 12 hours or so with something hopefully interesting to tell u[i'll think it's interesting at least but u may as in general is the case, differ]

to tata, bye bye and sayonara..