Thursday, November 26, 2009

being at the wrong side of the table!!

Hi guys… I am sure if you happen to be reading this post, you might have appeared for a viva at some point of your life or other. If you are from my college; well then you know what a horrifying experience can these turn out to be. Most of us lesser mortals have by now understood the Pranjal’s law of Viva. Now let me introduce you to pranjal’s law of Viva. This law is like the first law of thermodynamics (energy can neither be created nor be destroyed) - everybody knew this but then suddenly someone came and said this is a law, big deal!

But anyways you all also may be very much aware of the Pranjal’s law of Viva but I hereby claim the credit of forming this law which states that “It is immaterial whether you prepare or not, if you are a lesser mortal appearing for a viva, you are invariably going to get screwed.”

And for your reference, “lesser mortal” in this law is defined as any student appearing for a viva who is not a fanatic psychopath doomed to be immersed in sordid melancholy of text books all his life. But considering this definition, your general perception may be that no nine pointer can be lesser mortal. But here I’d beg to differ with this general perception. U need not be a “fanatic psychopath doomed to be immersed in sordid melancholy of text books all his life” to be a nine pointer, sheer brilliance may also suffice. The grade sheets of a couple of nine pointers of my batch, whom I’m proud to say I know closely, are the testimony of this fact (I could give you the names if you asked for ‘em).

Anyways mathematically,

If you are x such that  x Є A, you are screwed.

A is a set defined as, A= U-F

And U and F are sets defined further as,

U= universal set of all the students appearing in viva

F= set of fanatic psychopaths doomed to be immersed in sordid melancholy of text books all        their life.

So people next time you screw your viva, just recall the “Pranjal’s law of Viva”, you may find some solace in the despair.

Disclaimer: My work does not account for the breed of people we call toady or more popularly known as arse licker. The Pranjal’s law of viva may be applied to everyone else.


PS: This law has been drafted on the basis of experimental observations made during my last three years at the wrong side of the table. And as you would have concluded from the taste of this law, those observations haven’t been very merry. And the fact that the sadist butchers at the other side found bliss in our state added insult to injury!! But that was when I had not formed the law. Now that I have formed the law, I too resonate in the bliss of the sadist butchers!! Because as they say- “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional!!”