Thursday, May 21, 2009

till now

Sorry for being late…           

My end semester exams have been over ever since last Friday but somehow I did not get time to scribble in. ok time for updates… u might be thinking on the lines of “lucky bastard!! Exams over, must be havin fun”… well if you were thinking on those lines you couldn’t be more incorrect. This summer I have to do a vocational training as a part of my curriculum and that’s what I am doing these days. The fact that I am doing my VT here in Tata Steel, Tubes Division in jamshedpur means that I have to live here in Jamshedpur even during the summer vacations and it sucks big time!! Rub salt to the wound, I have to drive approx 16 km daily to reach tubes division, that too by 9:30 in morning.  Anyways but there are a few positives though… I am starting to have a feel of the industry and how the stuff is done here and also I get to peep in my future because I can almost visualize myself doing whatever the engineers are doing here in tubes division, in coming two years or so.

So this Monday I went to tubes division and I was told that I’d be doing my training under Mr. Santosh in ‘Precision tubes mills’. So I was taken to meet Santosh sir. When we reached his office, he was not there… most probably have been in the mill or some meeting. So we sat there in his office and waited for him to come. The office was a decent sized air conditioned room with various files neatly stacked in the racks. On walls are graphs regarding some aspects of production in previous years, altogether it was not at all how I expected the room of an engineer to be. We are such messy people… I expected it to untidy with files cluttered here and there but the scene was totally otherwise… he seemed quite an organized person. In my mind I was picturing a devilishly strict person who would torment us for the rest of our training.  Then in came he-Mr. Santosh with one of his colleagues, Mr. Kaushik Pathak and I was surprised to see that he was very pleasant personality. Then Mr. Santosh turned to us and after a formal introduction, began to chalk out the plan for our training and it turned out that he indeed is a very organized and focused person. Now as he was going on a leave from the very next day, he introduced us to Mr. S.K Lal who would take care of our training until he comes back(which is on 25th of this month). Mr. Lal is another very dedicated person.

 The one most important thing that I have learned in only three days of this training is that how to remain dedicated to your firm… each and single guy is so focused and dedicated to his job that it seems almost unbelievable. And then they are very helpful too… yesterday when we went there in the PT mill, we had some questions regarding 2” mill and 3” mill and asked Mr. Pathak and he promptly agreed to answer our queries. We sat in his office for some 45minutes and kept hurling questions at him regarding technical details of mills and he patiently kept answering them all. I was completely bowled over with his command on the each and every fine detail of the whole mill!!

Anyways that’s all for now… I’d put the whole process of making pipes from steel sheets on this blog some day when I am completely thorough with the process and I have time… its very long and tedious process u know! Anyways  ‘jai ram ji ki’