Monday, March 16, 2009

happy holi all(belated)

"KA HO BHAIYYA, PAN KHAIBA KA?" a panwallah asks me this as i come out of Varanasi cantt. railway station as if he was distributing pan not selling it, and i know that I have finally arrived Varanasi. 
for ur information... the exams have thankfully ended :) and ecstasy would be the right word to
describe my feeling. And that i have arrived varanasi- the oldest city on planet earth,raises this emotion to the power of two. So ask me "how are you feeling right now Pranjal??" and i'd reply"ECSTATIC^2!!" [yeah i know that joke sucked :d... i'm pathetic with them!!]. This  city varanasi is seriously wonderful... and it being so close to my hometown Azamgarh adds to the flavour. The people here are completely mast with their PAns in mouth... even autowallah will ask you " bhaiyya dlw, maduadih??", with that pan filled in mouth and if you are not accustomed to being talked to in this fashion, it is almost inevitable that u'll not uderstand that the  autowallah is even talkin!! by the time u recognise to ur utter disbelief that this pan in mouth gruntle was supposed to be the autowallah talking, he would have gone presuming that u don't want to go on the route of DLW/maduadih. But anyways i simply love this typical accent, dialect and mannerism.
People generally associate this Pan thing with varanasi only but this is common for the whole 
eastern Uttar Pradesh (if not whole eastern UP then at least the Awadh region of eastern UP...
including the districts of Varanasi, Jaunpur, Faizabad, Sultanpur, Allahabad, Azamgarh etc.) So whenerver some Panwallah uses this pick up line " ka ho bhaiyya, pan khaiba ka??" anywhere be it UP or (accidentally) outside UP, i can't help saying " theek ba marde laga da ek the meetha pan" (ok man... make one meetha pan). Another thing associated here with people in UP is that they are completely mast... they don't easily get tensed(well... exceptions do exist!!). And  icing on the cake is that this being the holi season everyone is in the typical holi mood. So i'm loving being here right now. Anyways let me enjoy this season and the hometown leisures and thanks for reading hopeless braying of Pranjal completely again.
hope to write soon... till then,
*mouth filled with pan* "JAI RAM JI KI"

PS: as i am home these days i don't have free 24*7 internet access which enjoy at college... these
posts will be uploaded a bit Late... that's why I've put date on top so that u can know the correct
date of post being written ;).