Wednesday, March 24, 2010

down the one side lane...

Again I’m on the forbidden lane. Why does this happen to me? I saw her, didn’t feel a thing. She’s a Normal girl u see… just like any other girl u meet in Indian towns. Then I talked to her and I realized she’s not that normal after all… the girl has got brains(ok, I admit though with the fear of being called sexist- girls with brain is a rare species), she can talk and in fact can debate aggressively. And the moment I realized all this, I entered the forbidden lane. This lane has one way traffic and I have entered it. There seems to be no end to end to this lane and the possibilities of the lane being open for both side of traffic is nearly null. So basically I’m stuck. The lane is one way so I can’t take a U turn. Only hope is praying for the traffic to get open from the opposite side. But why did this happen. When I reached this lane there was a bold signboard- “One way Traffic” and still I entered. Why did I? Sometimes I feel, despite being seated in the driver’s seat I’m not the driver… the car is driving itself on its own. That’s the worst part… this car, which I’m supposed to be driver of, is acting on its own accord and I can’t decipher the algorithm on which it works. If I’m the driver I should be allowed to drive deciding which lane to enter and which not to. Ok let’s see… entering the lane was not my choice but the speed of the car was certainly my choice. Maybe I drove too fast; could have driven a little slow and after some time the traffic from the other side would have opened. But that was just not meant to be... god!! do something.

Too cryptic post eh? Didn’t get it? Don’t try… u won’t get it