Friday, February 20, 2009

a sigh of relief

Oh God... finally!!! finally we- the mechanical engineers have something to cheer about. Today, when i woke up and took the newspaper lying there in front of door in my room, i saw some statistics on the front page and trust me freinds, the such was the effect of those statistics that it made me grin wide fron ear to ear ;). The article said that there are strong turnaround hopes for the key economic sectors viz; steel, cement, auto,food and beverage. 

The data provided says that after a dip in last quarter of 2008, steel is back on his growing trends with 4.2% growth in this quarter.The cement industry has seen a whopping 10% more growth in december 2008 than november. But the most the most growth has been recorded in automobile sector-my favourite sector from the perspective of a future mechanical engineering professional. The passenger vehicles gerw at an exponential 32% and also the commercial vehicles saw huge increase figures of 23%. The FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods) showed a growth of 26.4% in year on year figures for quarters ending on december 31, 2008. Even the rail freightshowed an increasing trend in december 2008 by climbing to 7% after declining to 2.3% in oct-nov 2008.
The power sector, everyone knows is never going to go under loss because of its perennial and perpetual demand. 
The figures are encouraging... at least they do provide hope to us mechanical engineering 3rd year students who are going to appear in campus interviews this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and banking on these figures that when I pass out from this great 
college, NIT-JAMSHEDPUR, I surely will have at least one job in my pocket(if not two or three).
God bless us all job aspirants!!