Friday, April 17, 2009

oh damn it!!

Have you ever been tortured by someone so much that you finally decided to document your feelings of loathe and repulsion about him in written form? Well, yours truly is just now going through the agonizing experience, and the cause is summer. Yeah you heard it right summer- the season. It is mid April and the summer is already here in Jamshedpur. It’s hot and it’s scorching hot. I hate it. Of the two extreme seasons- winter and summer, I hate summer most. The reason?? Well it is simple, during winter u can cope up with sweater, jacket and all but in summer… there is simply no escape… keep drinking lots of water, cold drinks, sherbet etc and nothing would work. It’s nearly midnight and I have just had bath, my third time today. Bathing is one of my desperate attempts to ward off heat and the better among the worse methods.

Given the water crisis the world is facing, I try to save water during winters by taking bath once in a week or more… but during summer; all that hard work goes in vain when I have to take bath 3-4 times daily. This season shouldn’t have been there in the calendar… God!! You should have researched on "what my children like" a bit more before bestowing them with this frivolous present of a season.

Some people like summer… they say it’s the best season, it brings mangoes. I say “damn you summer”, “damn you mangoes” and “damn you summer supporters”. I hate it… so what it brings mangoes… i wouldn’t trade my sleep for a superfluously sweet, yellow fruit. I can’t even sleep properly in this heat.

And to add insult to injury, my room is on the top floor of the hostel. So damn hot it is… it’s like I’ve lost my mind and have sat in a god damned oven. And the college doesn’t even allow us to have coolers in our room!!(as if my dad would have bought me one if college allowed!!).

This heat makes me wish I lived in the era of cavemen… at least I could walk around naked, I mean everybody would. That may be effective to counter the heat. That is the only stone that I have left unturned searching for relief from heat because u know… when you live in a hostel or any society in 2009 AD, you cannot just walk around naked flaunting your things.

I guess this much is enough… I feel my heart getting light… I have vented out my anger and frustration cropping up from not being able to sleep and you have read it all. I guess I should have a bath again and try to sleep.

Signing off… adios.